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What is Airsoft Magazine?

Airsoft Magazine is a publication that offers the latest updates and reviews about airsoft products. It also provides tips and tricks that can help players improve their game.

Found in gas operated airsoft replicas, these mags use high-pressure gas to act as a spring and push up BB’s when firing. They can be prone to jamming.

How Airsoft Magazine Works

A magazine for an airsoft gun works by using a series of channels and BB storage areas. BBs are loaded into the channel and then compressed by a spring at the far end of the magazine. This causes the BBs to be fed into the gun when the magazine is inserted into it. Airsoft guns can use either GBB (gas blowback) or AEG magazines. AEG magazines can be electric or manual, but the internal workings are different from that of a GBB gun.

Some airsoft guns can also be used with drum magazines. These are usually large and take inspiration from real-life drum magazines for submachine guns like the Thompson, MG 42 or PPD/PPSh-41 SMG. These magazines are made from steel and have a trap door at the top and a wheel on the bottom to wind the magazine.

Airsoft magazines are typically refilled by opening the trap door and pouring high quality BBs into it until it is full. They can be reloaded manually or with an electric speed loader. However, constant winding of the magazines can hurt fingers and wear out gloves. Moreover, empty magazines make a loud rattling noise and can alert your enemies that you are out of ammo.

Online Reviews

Whether to use high capacity or mid cap magazines has long been a hot topic of debate on the airsoft field and in forums. However, both types of magazines have their advantages. While high-capacity magazines offer a greater number of shots, mid-capacity magazines allow players to experience more realistic gun handling.

Magazines for airsoft guns are usually made by specific manufacturers and have a unique magazine release system. Because of this, airsoft magazines that fit one type of gun may not be compatible with other guns from the same manufacturer. However, the closer a magazine’s design is to other similar magazines within a certain platform, the more likely it will be cross-compatible.

Pistol magazines are more versatile than rifle magazines, as they usually hold either CO2 or green gas (propane). Unlike spring-powered models that require the magazine to be manually cocked after each shot, gas-powered pistols have built-in magazines that keep both the BBs and the power source in a single unit.

Online Forums

When looking for Airsoft Magazine talk, it’s important to look at the online forums. They are updated regularly and often have discussions about the latest products. They also discuss the latest airsoft news and events. They can also be helpful in finding the right airsoft gun for you.

Airsoft enthusiasts are subject to the same rules as other firearm owners, such as age restrictions and the need for an ammunition licence. However, despite the legal definition of replicas as toys, some states have banned airsoft guns or imposed stricter laws. In Slovenia, for instance, the legal age limit for purchasing a replica is 18+, and players must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when entering an airsoft store.

There are many different types of airsoft pistols and SMGs, which may have different magazine sizes. Choosing the right magazines is crucial for compatibility and performance. The best magazines are made by reputable manufacturers and offer excellent compatibility and consistency.


There is a lot to know about airsoft equipment and weapons. There are forums, reviews and articles to read. But how do you determine what is right for you?

Many people will tell you that when starting out with airsoft, you should play with some friends and get a feel for the game. You can then decide what you want to buy. And this is a good idea. If you jump straight into buying a bunch of different guns, you might end up with something that is not right for you and might not work well on the field.

The same goes for magazines. Getting everyone on your team to use the same type of magazine may seem like a great idea at first. But a few games in and you can see the flaws. Things can go wrong, like sand in the magazine or overall feeding failure. This is where having some extra magazines comes in handy.

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