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How to Design a Party Room

Whether your entertaining style is casual or formal, having flexibility of space in your home can make all the difference. When designing a party room game idea, look for movable furniture and low-maintenance materials.

The Drug Room is a party room in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. It connects to both the Office and the Left Air Vent. It is frequented by cokeheads and roommates who have strong opinions about the artistic direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In a party room, decorations are the key to creating a celebratory ambiance. They can be simple or extravagant, depending on the occasion and the theme of the room.

Incorporate a few oversized decorations that make an impression. Banners and wall art are great ways to showcase a party’s theme or create an inviting entrance. Choosing an open concept home is also ideal for a party room, as it allows guests to easily mingle and enjoy the event.

If you have a standard ceiling, consider upgrading to a cathedral or sloped (also called tray) ceiling. These types of ceilings provide a spacious ambiance, which helps to keep the room from feeling overcrowded and claustrophobic.


When you host a party, the right lighting can set the mood for the whole event. Bright lights can be distracting and make people focus on themselves rather than on one another, but great party lighting can create a fun and unique space.

You can easily improve your party room’s lighting with low-cost decorations. Something as simple as putting a thin colored cloth over a lamp shade can change the entire feel of your party room for almost no money. You can also add a few low-tech battery-powered light discs to the bottom of centerpieces, flowers, buffet displays and photos to add some extra sparkle.

If you’re hosting a party at home, installing frameless interior glass doors will allow your guests to enjoy the outside views and natural scenery while staying comfortable inside your home. These doors offer a spacious ambiance for your guests that will be sure to impress them. This is the perfect way to enhance your home’s beauty and host a great party at the same time!


Whether you want to host a large event or just a few people, seating arrangements can make all the difference. The seating should be contained yet comfortable, and breathable enough to encourage mingling amongst attendees.

For larger events, banquet style seating is ideal. This type of setup is great for networking sessions, weddings and evening events with seated meals. Seats can be arranged in rows to form aisles, or they can be arranged in circles with participants facing the center.

Remove coffee tables and footstools from the party room, as these can act as tripping hazards for guests. Ideally, only one or two decorative pieces should remain in the room (like sculptures, designer lamps and tchotchkes) to minimize distraction.


A party room is a space in your home where guests can gather to have food and drinks. This could be a living room, dining room, second den, or any other area that can accommodate guests and serve food. You may decide to remodel your home to create a dedicated party room or simply use an existing space in your home that you can convert for the occasion.

A party room game idea may also be used to hold a buffet line and serving stations for snacks and beverages. This may include sodas, water, beer and even champagne. Having multiple serving stations in the Party Room makes it easy for your guests to self-serve and will cut down on your cleanup time. You should also have convenient trash receptacles scattered throughout the room for your guests to use. You can find these at most hardware stores and home improvement centers. Providing trash cans in the Party Room will help you stay green and will keep your house looking neat.

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