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How to Decorate a Party Room

Many condo buildings have a kids party game idea that functions as a gathering or recreation space. It may also serve as a dining room, den, or additional bedroom.

To start a party room business, you should research the market and identify your target audience, choose a location for high visibility and accessibility, obtain all necessary permits and licenses, and design a space that meets customer needs.

Decorate the Walls

If you’re lucky enough to have a room that can be used as a party space, make sure you choose a wall covering that matches the theme and color scheme of your event. You might want to consider using fabric for the walls, or hang panels of paper with removable adhesive strips.

Many people also choose to decorate their party room with a backdrop or other large display. This will create a focal point that will help to draw guests into the main party area.

If your event is going to include dancing, you might want to add some creative lighting to the room. You can try syncing the lights to the music and directing them towards the dance floor or other central areas.

Hang Photos

Displaying photos in a party room is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday. You can create a photo cluster for an elegant look, or hang the photos on a string and use clothes pins to attach them to the wall. This creative arrangement is a fun alternative to traditional frames and will add a splash of color to the room.

Consider using photos that fit a theme, such as star-shaped ones for a Hollywood themed birthday party. If you are hanging multiple pictures on the same wall, use a level to make sure they are at the same height.

Add Balloons

Whether you’re planning a kids or adults themed party, balloon decorations are a fun and affordable way to transform your space. Kids will love to run around and play with giant lollipops, fruits, or trees made out of small balloons.

Alternatively, a balloon garland is the simplest way to decorate your walls. Just use a long string with fancy ribbons and tie balloons to it.

Make sure to provide conveniently located trash receptacles and buffet lines throughout the room to keep your home clean during the party. Also, rounded furniture pieces can help avoid the spatial Chinese design philosophy of Feng Shui, which discourages angular furniture arrangements that could create “poison arrows” to certain areas in your home. Choose a room with cathedral or sloped ceilings to increase the sense of spaciousness and light.

Add String Lights

Whether you are hosting an outdoor rustic event or a more elegant indoor wedding, string lighting is a great way to add ambiance and make your guests feel at home. You can string lights along the ceiling, over tables, or around the room to highlight an area of your venue.

You can also use a chain of lights to create a backdrop for your cake or hang a light-up sign spelling out ‘love’. Other options include a wall of cascading string lights behind the head table or wrapping nearby trees in twinkling lights.

Depending on the location of your string lights, you may need to use a pole or purchase a suspension wire kit that includes everything you need to hang the lights. If you’re worried about making holes in your walls, you can always opt to staple the strands of lights to the wall instead.

Decorate the Floor

Many people remodel or build their homes to include a home party room, often converted from an existing dining area, living room, second den or other space. The key to a successful home party room is to ensure the space can also serve your family’s day-to-day needs while remaining functional for parties.

Furniture arrangements are a crucial part of any kids party game idea design. Movable furniture allows you to shift seating around to accommodate different sized parties and different themes. Opt for rounded pieces, as the spatial Chinese design philosophy of Feng Shui discourages sharp angles that crowd mingling areas.

Provide easily accessible trash receptacles to keep your home party room tidy and free of litter. Add decorative candles throughout the room to enhance ambiance. For a low-key option, scatter floor pillows around the room for guests to sit on.

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